Peer-e-Kamil [pbuh]The Perfect Mentor

By Umera Ahmed (click to see more books by same author) Published by Ferozsons

PKR 695.00

Saalar is an exceptional student with over 150 IQ level. Imama is a brilliant medical student. Both are polars apart personality-wise. Where Salaar is restless and anxious with a raging temper, Imama is the serene voice of sense and strength. Provoked by her best friend's comment on her state of faith, Imama finds herself on the desperate and tearful journey of discovery. The book is a life-changing account of a young girl who has finally discovered light. Determined to free herself from the clutches of Ahmediyyat, Imama fears nothing, not even death. Salaar has no room for religion in his life, he just wants few of his questions answered, and will go to any extremes to look for cues, even if it means death. But when circumstances bring him close to Imama, he discovers that the one night he has spent in her company, now threatens to tear his life apart - little did he know that this tearing will result into the most complete and at peace he could ever hope to be.

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