Zameen Kay Aansu

By Nighat Seema (click to see more books by same author) Published by Al-Quraish

PKR 700.00

Zameen Kay Aansoo a novel written on the subject of Kazzab Nabi and his follower; how he got trapped in the net of that Kazzab Nabi and then how he tried to get freed from his trap.The story revolves around Ahmed Raza who was the only son of his parents and was source of their joy he was introduced to Ismail Shah through one of his friends as a scholar and he started liking Ismail Shah but later on he got to know that Ismail Shah claimed himself as a false Prophet.Followers of Ismail Shah trapped him and he could not save himself.
The other track deals with the story of Aibak Falaksher a young and aspiring writer whose parents were disowned by their family.This novel is surely a must read.

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