Children Literature

Archiving Children Literature:

Children literature published in Urdu can boast about classics like ‘Umroo Ayyar ki Zanbeel’, ‘Ali Baba  Chalees Chor’, Imran Series and many more like this. Classics, that are lost to our new generation as it is no longer published extensively. We, at UA Books, plan to remedy that. Our special archiving section for children books will be working towards publishing such lost treasures again and bringing it back for our young people to read and reread. 

New writers

'There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.'

Maya Angelou

Being in complete accord with her, we invite new and seasoned writers to join our team of children fiction authors and create stories that inspire, motivate and entertain our young people. We are looking for stories that are original, fun to read, and promote a pragmatic approach towards life, and represent our cultural and religious values. Both English and Urdu writings are welcome.

Text books and additional readers

Education in Pakistan is in desperate need of an overhaul. While we may not be able to bring a complete education revolution in the country, we are going to do our bit.

In an attempt to make our educational curriculum more suited to our cultural and religious norms, our fundamental societal issues and an interpretation of how our children look at the world around them, we are actively seeking educationists that can guide our textbook and additional-readers initiative.

Contact us with your recommendations, suggestions and related past experiences, and let us talk more about it.

Pleasure Reading

Don’t like books? Well, you may not be the only one. With nothing good in children literature coming up these days, no wonder you like to spend time on your Xbox and basketball court.

Now, those may be your real hobbies, but how about you give UA Books a try, and pick a book from our collection? We are very excited to bring to you some amazing children books and magazines that may make books your next favorite thing. You see, ‘pleasure reading’ is an actual hobby.


EBooks are a great way to enjoy a book on the go, no matter where you are. Keeping that in mind, UA Books intends to convert all its published children content into the digital format to make it more easily accessible to the readers of all kinds and means.