Editorial Services

Content Edit:

As the name suggests, this type of edit addresses the manuscript on a whole. We look for styling, tone, theme and logic errors to provide you a constructive and usable feedback. Our recommendations base on the overall feel of the manuscript. We note down the strong and weak points in the manuscript after a thorough analysis to help you make changes that can turn your manuscript into a successful book.

You can achieve great results by this type of edit if you are a new writer striving to get your manuscript through to a professional publisher, or want to enter into self-publishing and need that x-factor for your first book.

It is also a great service to take advantage of if you are facing a writer’s block and want a little nudge in the right direction. Our team of skilled writers and editors can help you with great insights on how a new turn or a new twist can give a new life to your manuscript.

Copy Editing:

Copyediting is a popular editing service and takes care of the technical aspects of the manuscript. Language, grammar and other technical details are looked after in this step to make sure that the finalized manuscript is free of all errors and reads with more flow.

If you are a first time writer, we highly recommend you submitting your work for a content edit before any copyediting can be performed, because the process is likely to point out some errors and flaws that only a thorough evaluation can take care of.


Proofread is where your manuscript is checked for final grammatical, language, composition or punctuation errors and similar. This is the last process a manuscript goes through where all the mistakes are rectified and manuscript is given a final polish so a publisher can enjoy working on it.