Privacy Policy

In the present day and age of ever-increasing digital prominence in our day to day lives, being secure and protected over the Internet has become of paramount importance, critical even. Therefore, to serve our customers in the most efficient and competent manner, UA Books takes your privacy and security matters very seriously when it comes to your dealings with us. Please go through our Privacy Policy so you can understand how we collect your data, the way we use it, and what rights do you possess in our information gathering.

Information we collect:

As an online bookstore, there is some necessary information that we need to collect from each customer in order to serve them better, and improve their shopping experience. Such information includes recipient names, address, contact number, fax number, email IDs, payment card details, and other data that is relevant to processing customer orders and shipping those to the given address.

What we do with it?

The personal information we collect is only used for the purpose of your orders and to serve you better. If you decide to sign up with us as a regular customer, your information is saved in our database so we can provide you with online order tracking, order history, and to save you from entering your address and other details every time you shop with us – thus, making your shopping experience even more efficient.

Please note that in order to shop at UA Books’ website, you are never required to sign up with us to place an order. You can place an order by simply browsing our website and filling up your cart.

Information Sharing:

We never share your personal information with any third parties or links or our affiliates. Never, under any circumstances, except when required by Law, do we disclose our customers’ personal information to anyone.

Please note that we may, from time to time, use our database for future projections, statistical analysis and growth charts to help us steer and keep the company in the right direction. However, in all such cases, no individual accounts or personal information is ever revealed, keeping your identities safe and private.

Promotion, not Spam:

If you have signed up with us, you may receive our promotional mails announcing new deals, new arrivals, special bundle offers and other news that may help you remain updated and informed about what’s new in our stock/website. However, you can choose to unsubscribe to our mailing list anytime by signing in to your account.

Your rights:

Our customers enjoy the exclusive right to demand us to stop using their data for any marketing/promotional purposes. You can also ask us to correct any discrepancies in your data with us, or to make changes in it.

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